Nurses Carry Out Unprofessional Act On Patient While He’s Unconscious

Surgery patients hope that when they go under the anesthesia that the surgical staff will be professional. However, video has surfaced of five healthcare professionals allegedly making fun of a patient while on the surgical table.

The incident took place at a Bolivar, Columbia hospital.

In the video, the staff can be seen laughing and dancing as they get a patient ready for surgery. The patient, naked, is unaware that anything is going on around them.

Authorities said the medical professionals in the clip were fired, saying that the dignity of all its patients was important to the hospital. The hospital apologized for the behavior of those who claimed to be professional and were seen as such in the recording.

Hospital administrators said the employees’ demeanor was in violation of its protocols and values, which is to put attention on humanizing and providing amazing quality service. A hospital spokesman said this was the first incident in seven years of providing good service that something like this happened. They said measures were implemented to ensure it never happened again.

One Facebook commenter said it upset them so much. They said they worked as a nurse for more than 50 years in women’s health and seen all kinds of things. The commenter said when patients are at their most vulnerable, they want to trust that the people taking care of them will remain professional. They wanted to not only have the people fired but also their license revoked.

Another commenter wrote that people’s morals, dignity and respect is leaving something to be desired. They said the patient should sue them for the moral indignities they suffered from the video and dancing.