5 Pictures Of Your Kids You May Not Want To Share On Socials

One of the blessings of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social media sites you love the most is to show all your connections your beautiful progeny. Your family and friends usually enjoy this as much as anything else shared on their feeds, so it’s become a great past time on the internet at this point. Although it’s amazing to be able to show the world pictures of your children, there are some types of pics that you may want to reconsider before posting.

Pictures Of Kids Not To Post On Social Media

1. Humiliating pictures

There are unfortunate parts of your kid’s life that are gonna happen and you are gonna get on film; outbursts, fits, being terrified, getting sick, etc. These types of photos often go viral when people don’t really think about the repercussions of how this might affect your child later on. There are real things such as anxiety, misery, and bullying that might arise from these pictures being out there and your kid seeing them, or later possibly teased about them.

Pictures Of Kids Not To Post On Social Media

2. Any pictures that show your physical location

This one is pretty obvious, but also something that a bunch of parents overlooks. There are often social networks that tag exactly where you are geographically, either down to the town, city, or some even show the exact latitude and longitude of the post! There’s really no need to expose your family to any irrational or dangerous thinking, stalking, or ill will that would give potential nutcases an easy way to accomplish these things. Learn about what geolocation information shows for each social network that you post on, and what is showing for your account and how to turn it off.

Pictures Of Kids Not To Post On Social Media

3. Pictures that your child asks you not to post

This sorta goes along with the “humiliating” rule. If children don’t want you to post something and you do anyway, it may affect their feelings. As an adult, there are very little rationales for posting this to a social media account for entertainment that would take priority over your children feeling confident. This could also expose the photo for their peers to see and possibly tease them about or worse. It’s not worth it!

Pictures Of Kids Not To Post On Social Media

4. Photos of any school-related achievements such as diplomas

This one is something that a lot of parents might not think about. Say your baby grows up and graduates from high school or a great college, you might want to share this extremely proud moment with your social bullhorn. Unfortunately, there are creeps out there that may not only see the full legal name of your kid and exploit that but also use the template of the diploma to forge fake diplomas and fraud that school or university.

Pictures Of Kids Not To Post On Social Media

5. Any pictures that are snapped in a bathroom

Pictures in the bathroom may seem innocent and I’m sure they are innocent to the parent taking them 99.9999% of the time, but there are people on social networks that may see these and either get offended they are even shared. Anything involving tubs, nudies, and just anything in the bathroom can put your newsfeed in an awkward situation of seeing something they might not have ever wanted to see. Also, again, there are lots of creeps, and lastly some other kids may see them and bring about unnecessary mockery.