Waitress Goes On Emotional Rant After Getting A $5 Tip On A Bill Totaling $105

This seems to be one of the most contentious things these days in terms of food service.  To tip or not to tip, and how much to tip?

This topic really drives a wedge between customers and food servers because many customers feel a sort of obligatory pressure on having to provide a tip.  When the service is good, the tip is normally for doing well with the order and making sure everything is satisfactory.

In defense of food service workers, many rely on these tips due to the restaurants only providing an extremely meager hourly wage, well below any conventional standard minimum wage.  This makes it basically impossible to make a living on the hourly wages alone, therefore needing the tips to make up for the very low hourly wages.

In a lot of restaurants, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.  More affluent customers come in, are served well and politely by the wait staff, eat their meals, and leave a nice fat tip.  This often goes into a tip pool and the wait staff splits all the proceeds.

However, it doesn’t happen like that everywhere…

In the case below, Brittney got just under a 5% tip and was not happy about it.  She described her situation and the expectation certain servers have in terms of what the customers should tip.


This is definitely a heated topic, there’s no doubt about it.  What do you think?