Wife Creates Fake FB Profile To Get Husband Arrested, But It Didn’t End The Way She Wanted

An Indiana man was arrested after his wife had him arrested for something shocking, only the tables became reversed.

According to police, Angela Voelkert came up with a fraudulent Facebook profile – Jessica Studebaker – where she posed as a teenager and befriend her husband, David. The pair were in a tough child custody battle and, police say she was using the profile to attain information to have her husband arrested.

In some of the correspondence, David admitted to putting a GPS device on the ex-wife’s vehicle to watch where she was going. He also said he wanted someone to take care of his problem (ex-wife).


He allegedly told Studebaker to find someone from the school for $10,000 to “put a cap” in her.

Police kept David Voelkert in custody for four days after Angela had him arrested. However, David told federal prosecutors that he knew all along that it was Angela setting him up. He was trying to get as much information on her to use in the child custody case.

Federal prosecutors then dropped all the charges.

In a affidavit to the FBI, he said he was lying to this person to attain positive proof that his ex-wife was tampering with his life. He has no plans to leave with his children or have Angela harmed.

It wasn’t long before the case went viral on Reddit, with some users wondering how sane Angela had to be knowing her husband already knew it was her.

One commenter said the actions of the couple were not the same – one was defending himself; the other was acting like a stalker.

You can check out the entire Reddit thread about it here

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