Wife Posts Naked Selfies On Husband’s Favorite Adult Site To Get Back At Him

A woman upset with her husband for visiting a porn site decided to take matters into her own hands. She posted pictures of herself naked on his favorite website.

Her husband was not pleased by that gesture.

The problem began when she found her husband was regularly visiting subreddit r/GoneWild. Under some parenting advice from a forum she signed up as serephine16, she got some advice on what she could do.

She explained that she and her husband are four years apart in age and she recently saw him visiting a gone wild subreddit for several months. – it’s a place where 18+ year-olds post naked pictures of themselves. The woman went on to say that she was pregnant and depressed, suffering from low self-esteem. In previous conversations, her husband assured that he didn’t’ like to look at porn and would get very upset when she questioned about it.

She said they agreed porn would not be a part of their marriage. She said the real problem she really has stems from her husband’s ability to lie so easily and convincingly that she can’t trust him.

She decided to get even and post a picture of her boobs on the 30+ page and told him she did it. The woman said she was getting messages and comments from other men about her pictures. She admits that those helped with her self-esteem. However, her husband went nuts when he found out, saying what she had done was worse than his lying about looking at porn.

The woman wanted to know if she was wrong for her part. Most of the Internet has been on her side, saying it was brilliant and exposed her husband as a hypocrite. They also said that her husband doesn’t seem to understand that looking at porn can damage a relationship.

You can see a few reactions from users’ comments:

wife posts selfies





In the end, the couple should just call the whole thing even. It is a little unfair to be mad at her for using naked pictures to gain her self-confidence. What her husband needs to be doing is reassuring his wife that he loves only her, especially being pregnant with his child. Besides, many guys love it when other men eye their women because they know she is with him and not them.