Woman Finds Fake $100 Bill On Her Windshield, Then Found Out Why It Was Put There…

You know what people say: ‘ Everything that shines isn’t gold’

If you see a $100 bill on your windshield, don’t fool yourself…it didn’t fall from the sky like that. Be cautious…

Read this carefully in order to protect yourself and react properly.

Kyri Vieham shared with the public what seemed to be a joke but in fact was a possibly very serious scam with a dangerous outcome.


She was in her car, already driving, when she spotted an interesting thing on her windshield. It was a $100 greenback.

Next, she stopped and took the bill.

Then, she saw a scary note written on the bill saying “haha, you thought this was real, didn’t you?”

What seemed like an innocent trick was, in fact, something very dangerous.

When Kyri got home, she tried to research about the real meaning of this prank.

She discovered that what happened to her was a typical trap. When people spot the cash, most of them are so giddy about it that they simply don’t pay attention to anything else but the money. And then, they become easy pray for the carjackers. If the engine is running, they jump into the car and drive off.

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But Kyri was safe because she saw the bill during her drive.


Her son was also in the car which could’ve been an even more dangerous situation.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect yourself from the carjackers. Once you get your engine started, don’t get out of the car or stop.


If you think you aren’t safe for any reason, ask help from store employees to walk you to your car.

The most important thing is to keep your eyes wide open and be aware for scams.


Luckily, Kyri and her family returned home safely.


There are other examples of scams. For instance, if someone asks if you want them to repair or clean your car while you’re in the parking lot.

DON’T EVER DO IT! IT’S DOUBLE TROUBLE. You can stay both without your cash and car.


The best possible advice is to simply leave anytime you notice strange circumstances.

The most important rule is – stay safe and stay alert. Always keep stuff like this in mind.

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