Woman Goes “Commando” and Finds It The Best Thing To Happen To Her

Wearing clothes with no underwear seems like an odd concept to many folks, but for one girl she just had to try it out.

The first time she was ever exposed to the idea of going commando was when she was around seven years of age and was sleeping over at a friend’s house. The pair brushed their teeth and went to the room to put on their PJs.

According to the woman, she put on a fresh pair of underwear and an old shirt while her best friend pulled on a pair of leggings and a tank top.

She said she was speechless.

However, since that time, she’s gotten used to the notion of sleeping with no clothes but not using underwear under her regular clothes seemed a bit much. She decided that being a guinea pig was a good idea and wanted to see what kind of health benefits could come from going commando.

What Does It Mean By Commando?

The Urban Dictionary states that going commando means not wearing any kind of underpants, which means you wear no underwear. Are there any benefits of the commando lifestyle?

When you wear no underwear, you provide the opportunity for your downstairs to air out. People often think that not wearing underwear is dirty; but, in reality, going commando has an array of benefits to it:

· Less chance of infections

· Improvement in sex life

· Feeling of freshness

· No wedgies

· No visible panty lines

An Experiment In Going Commando

The young woman decided to try an experiment in going commando for a whole week. What was it like? Here’s her account of going commando.

It’s easy to go commando on the weekends, especially if you’re staying home and resting. However, I knew that I would need to try not wearing them while working, which lies the challenge.

My first day made me think real hard about the outfit I would wear. I wanted to wear comfortable clothes, so I chose an olive green jumpsuit. The fabric is extremely soft and cozy, and it shows panty lines. Since I was going commando, this problem was eliminated.

I also wanted to work out, so I put on a pair of leggings. I was sure this was going to be a bad thing. However, it wasn’t! No underwear under clothes was a little like wearing thongs. I even wore jeans.

The only drawback of wearing no underwear is the heat. I was extremely sweaty and not wearing underwear meant sweat would roll down my legs.

So, was going commando worth it? Absolutely! It was a fairly easy process, and I felt more confident in myself. I won’t be going commando on hot days, but I would definitely do it for the sake of no panty lines.

Perhaps you should try it for yourself!