Couples That Work Out Together Are More Likely To Be Successful, Research Finds

Rich and Jennifer Wegrzyn have been in a marriage for 27 years. Among many other things, they have been sharing a passion for going to the gym, and working out together for over 2 decades. It keeps them fit, young and closer to each other.

“We’ve been working out together for about 20 years,” Jennifer said.

“We love working out,” said Rich proudly. “It just brings us closer. “That’s what keeps the love going.”

But, they’ve figured out they need a change.


“I wanted to get rid of some bad habits, food wise and see how far I could push myself,” Jen explained their decision.

For this reason, Jen has decided to join the weight loss program that will last 8 weeks. The winner gets $5,000 as the main prize.

“With the classes that they provide — the Strong classes — you’re working out as a group and you become friends with all of them and they push you,” Jen explained.

She managed to lose 16 pounds and motivated Rich to take part in the next one.

“I lost in the challenge 38.6 pounds and that’s within two months, but it’s her,” Rich praised his wife. “She kept motivating me, feeding me, and said, ‘We can’t have this.’”

According to research, couples who work out are more successful together than as individuals. Also, the challenge itself inspires both people as well. Rich and Jen’s example prove all this.

“My favorite part with the challenge was uh dealing one on one with the trainers,” Rich said.

Jen: “The nutrition end of it was priceless.”

But as this charming couple claims, the key to their success is simple – they have each other and that’s the point.

“We love working out together because we’re like best friends,” Jen explained.

“You need that person to back you, like a trainer,” Rich said.


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