9 Of The Worst Friend-Zone Situations Ever Witnessed

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with strictly platonic relationships.  In fact, they should be promoted in all the great aspects they exist.

However, there are certain relationships that sort of teeter on this cruel purgatory for the guy where he obviously wants to pursue something more serious but the girl just wants to stay as friends.

The plan for the guy is to eventually just stick it out long enough and prove to her you can be such a good friend that she will have to see how loyal and amazing you are.

It doesn’t always work out this way.  In fact, in many cases for women, it can be a major turn off, and the guy ends up getting hurt way more because the woman ends up with a guy that won’t treat them nearly as well.

It’s quite a mystery why the woman chooses to keep the guys around if they are being friend-zoned. I suppose a lot love the attention, but damn can it be brutal.


When you are referred to as broski by a good looking girl, and you take pics like this, you just might be in the friendzone.


He clearly wants more by the look on his face, you can just see it.


Hey, maybe he is genuinely having fun.



Mike eventually got the picture.


Ouch…Well maybe he had a good time.  I hope so.




Rough, completely rough.