“Worst Table” Of Customers Makes Waitress Cry, But Old Man’s Note Lifts Her Spirits

If anybody has ever waitressed before or knows of a waitress, it’s one of the most thankless jobs in the world. After all, some customers are downright rude for no apparent reason. And, a person’s good day can go bad all of a sudden.

Elissa is one such waitress. She works at the JB’s Family Restaurant and came across some very unpleasant customers, calling them her “worst table” because of their rudeness. Elissa said they kept telling her she was rude.


This caused her to cry while attempting to take the order of man sitting close by to the other table. This man spoke out against the others’ behavior toward Elissa and allowed her to gain her composure before she went about her duties. He also made her day even better by tipping her 500% and leaving a sympathetic, reassuring note.

It said:

like pens, people come in various colors – rude, nice and downright jerks. Don’t allow the jerks to ruin the day. Have a good dinner on some nice folks. Your new friend.



Elissa said people like this man were gifts and she was humbled by his kindness and generosity – which goes beyond the money.

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