The Reason Why A Table Of Customers Didn’t Tip Waiter Is Quite Disturbing

“We don’t tip white ppl, LOL” – that was the message from customers on their receipt to a struggling, hard-working waiter at a Tennessee On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina.

According to Nathan Bergeron, he had the pleasure to serve the couple. He said the woman was extremely nice and polite, so he believes the offensive message was written by the man.


Bergeron, who often sleeps in his vehicle and has difficulty making ends meet, decided to text good friend Brandy Sciara about the receipt. She was quick to share the receipt on social media, which garnered nationwide attention.

Sciara said she was devastated by the diners’ actions and words. She said she has seen Bergeron counting his money in the hopes he’d have enough gas to come into work the next day. Sciara said he’s a proud person, and would never admit how the experience made him feel. He just hopes to have somewhere to sleep that night.

She said this incident happens way more than it should – to white people, black people or young or old. Sciara said servers are always underappreciated for their service. Nobody has to tip but not tipping because they’re a certain color is just wrong.

Sciara began a GoFundMe page for Bergeron in the hopes to raise at least $500, but the campaign managed to raise $6,500 after just three days.


One donator – a black woman – said she was sorry Bergeron had to endure such hate and wanted him to know that there were still good people in the world. She donate $40 to him. Another donation came from a black man who said his family would be coming to visit the restaurant soon and wanted to meet the young man.

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