Teenager Who Was The Youngest Father In His Country Gets A Bit Of Bad News

Things can take a turn fast, and that’s what a teenager found out when this story finally unraveled.  This takes place in the UK and involves a few individuals.

When a 15-year-old girl gave birth to a girl, a 13-year-old British boy thought he was the little girl’s father. It would have made him the youngest father in the history of the country. When DNA tests came back, the boy learned he wasn’t the biological father.

However, the baby’s birth father is coming forward and telling his story.

Alfie Patten believed that he was the father of Maisie Roxeanne who Chantelle Steadman, 15, had given birth to. At first, the young teen was fearful of his mother’s wrath after finding out he got his girlfriend pregnant. He was also worried how the public would react to learning the couple was going to keep the baby.

Both teens said they believed the initial unprotected sexual encounter resulted in the pregnancy. However, it appears that Steadman may have already been pregnant. According to the DNA test, Patten was not the father of the little girl.

Another 15-year-old boy by the name of Tyler Barker said he believes he is the father because he and Steadman had unprotected sex. However, Barker said he thought Steadman had used the morning-after pill because she said she would.

Patten said he had no idea what being a dad would be like. He said he thought he’d be good, and
care for it.”

Nicola, 43, is Patten’s mother, and she said her son is very distraught about finding out he’s not the father of the little girl. She said Patten cried after he found out, becoming hysterical and running out of the room. Nicola said her son never thought about his girlfriend cheating on him. He was devastated by the news.

If Patten were revealed to have been the child’s father, it would have made him the country’s younger father ever.

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