Autistic Man Texts Police This Message That Ended Up Saving A Baby’s Life…

An autistic man, who uses his smartphone to communicate with his family and friends, used it to save the life of an 18-month old who had accidentally fallen into a swimming pool.

When Aaron Cahal was two, doctors diagnosed him with autism. On May 8, Cahal, 23, was in his backyard when screams, from a home close by, pierced the air. Knowing something wasn’t right, he used the iPhone to get help.

He used the camera on his phone to take a picture of where the screams came from and send it via text message to local police. In his message, he wrote, “Police we need police I heard big crying people, scary people.”

The police learned of its location and paramedics were dispatched to the home. Before their arrival, a Good Samaritan had done CPR on the child, who is currently at the local hospital getting treatment.

Cahal’s grandmother said she was proud of Aaron because he played a big part in saving the baby’s life. She said Aaron’s way of knowing folks made him realize something wasn’t right.

Cahal’s mother, who was asleep when everything happened, said nobody should underestimate a person with a disability because no one knows what the person can do, say or feel. She said they may even be able to contribute to society.

No word on the child and the condition.