Caregiver Who Abandoned A 92-Year-Old Leaves Disturbing Note

As our family members get older, it’s hard to struggle with everyday obligations and take quality care of our loved family members. So, it’s inevitable…we simply must hire caregivers in many circumstances in order to survive the day. At first sight, most of these caregivers seem nice, but after some time, some will indicate that they’re not trustworthy.

This is what Barbara Longley and her husband Harold from New York, Sterling went through with a caregiver.


In order to secure her husband’s well-being, Barbara was forced to hire a caregiver – Jenna Boyle. Things were going well, or at least Barbara thought so.

One day, she came home and realized her husband was all alone. Then, she found a shocking message from Jenna:



In her note, Jenna said she was not able to take care of her husband anymore. Without thinking of the possible dangers, she simply left Harold alone.


Barbara turned to the police. She wanted to stop this cruel woman from harming anyone else because what she did was nothing less than a crime.

Jenna is accused of abandoning a disabled person. She won’t get the opportunity to hurt anyone else. At least, not very soon.

Hopefully, Barbara found an adequate replacement very quickly.