Father Becomes Outraged When He Discovers What School Had Been Teaching His Kids

A father became alarmed after a San Diego, California school began working with the area’s Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter to develop a program that would protect its Islamic students.

Upon reading conservative websites that the district’s new program that would prevent the bullying of Muslim student was in conjunction with the CAIR, Christopher Wyrick showed up to the school board meeting to voice his concerns.

Kevin Beiser, a trustee for the school board, offered a better explanation of the program to give parents some peace of mind. He said no Muslim student would come into the city’s school and be spat upon.

One parent said every child should be safe while at school.

Shortly afterward, Wyrick, who is upset about the program, addressed the school board about its partnership with CAIR. He asked them when the school board saw fit to teach students (his children) about Islam. Wyrick refused to leave, making sure to finish up his rant with the school board.

He vehemently told the trustees they would have to drag him out to shut him up.

Wyrick’s slam of the school has gone viral, with many praising him for addressing the school’s outright promotion of Islam in the name of an anti-bullying program.

You can see the video of the episode below at around the 5:30 mark: