Hundreds Of Spiders Leave Nest Before The GIANT Mother Comes Out

Arachnophobes, watch out!

Noel Parminter from Brisbane, Australia, an expert in pest control, discovered something amazing and scary while he was in her regular search for termites.

She wrote on Facebook: “While doing a termite inspection today, I came across the especially large gray huntsman keeping her watchful eyes on a recently hatched egg case with the hatchlings staying close by. I was able to get in close and blew them a kiss.”






The video roused many reactions on social media.

“Looks like it’s time for them to move houses”, one of them wrote.

The other said: “I love spiders but even this has stressed me out.”

These spiders are not poisonous for people but they do use their poison to hunt prey. Their bite can provoke reactions such as swelling, vomiting and even faster heart beats.

Females can be aggressive when protecting the eggs or their baby spiders.

A few Huntsmans spiders arrived in Britain by ship containers. Watch out, they’re not that dangerous, but they’re big and ugly.


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