It’s Hard To Believe What Part Of This Inmate’s Body His Gun Fell Out From…

Though Limestone County officials have found a stolen gun, it’s not clear if the owner wants the gun back. You must be asking – why? Maybe because of the unusual way this gun popped up?

Here’s the story…


This is a stock photo of the Jimenez .380-caliber pistol, like the one that fell from an inmate’s body cavity in Limestone County.

A 23- year-old named Jesse O’Neal Roberts was captured in Esten Lane. According to Stephen Young, the Sheriff’s spokesman, Roberts was acting suspiciously around a garage so the owner called the police. Chad Harbin, a deputy, arrested Roberts because of the public intoxication and took him to jail.

During a jail search, a pistol fell. The strangest thing though, in this case, is that it actually fell out of Roberts’ anus.

An officer wrote in his report:

“I immediately considered that he defecated on himself before noticing a familiar shape in the form of a pistol in his boxers,”

The pistol was from Florence, the Jimenez .380-cailber, holding a price estimated roughly around $100. The gun was stolen but not loaded.


Roberts was not only accused of public intoxication but also of carrying a weapon without permission, a first-degree charge.  He is also being charged for holding stolen property, which he got a fourth-degree charge. A total bail is $7,250.

When asked to comment this strange case, Sheriff Mike Blakely just said, ” ‘It’ happens.”

Really?  It happens?

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