Government Takes Away Man’s Personalized License Plate Because It’s “Offensive To Women”

Personalized license plates are a way to put a creative and customized spin on your car.  Lorne Grabher from Nova Scotia put a personalized plate of his last name long long ago.  But, recently the Canadian provincial government has changed its standing on this issue, and now the man is not allowed to renew his plate because it’s being recognized as insulting to women.

Of course, Grabher disagrees with this decision and says it’s a sort of a discrimination against his German origin surname.  The man originally got the customized plate decades ago as a tribute to his Dad who had passed away.


Brian Taylor, a spokesman for the Transport Department explains that his department appreciates Grabher’s surname. On the other hand, Taylor states the law from 1989 concerning the personalized vehicles’ plate program forbids the usage of offensive names or when they are in bad taste and not acceptable.

Naturally, Graher had some words in response to this outcome as shown in the following news interview:


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