Lowlife Was Assaulting A Woman When CCP Holder Decided To Take Matters Into His Own Hands

A man nearly 30 years old charged with assaulting a female at a neighborhood Holland, MI One Stop is severely injured within the Grand Rapids medical center immediately following getting shot Thursday in the late evening.

Holland Department of Public Safety detectives stated in a press distribution that the event took place approximately 10 P.M. on Columbia Avenue and 17th Street at the local convenience store.

Authorities were initially brought out over handle a suspect who had been behaving unreasonable. At the time they showed up, they identified the shooting victim. The man was then transported to Hospital in Holland, and later on moved to another facility.

Those investigating the incident point out prior to their appearance on the scene, the individual was attacking a female inside the shop. There was an eye witness who attempted to prevent the assault, yet then he got bombarded too.

This eyewitness possessed a pistol that he was carrying lawfully and ended up shooting the assailant twice. He was helpful to the cops and was not charged, although his firearm was confiscated.

Anybody with information regarding the assault or the event is requested to contact the Department of Public Safety. They can be reached at the following number: 616-355-1100.

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