When They Saw This Footage Of What The Nanny Was Doing To Their Child, They Instantly Call The Police…

Nannies are typically an incredibly invaluable and compassionate part of many parents’ lives, but in the off case that something could be very wrong with them, thankfully there are nanny cams.

Two parents in Istanbul, Turkey were horrified and devastated once they saw footage of the person they hired who was supposed to be caring for their child.

The Mother and Father only revealed as SE and MTE in the story, employed a 54-year-old named Nadia Shapoval to be a nanny.

Roughly half a year ago, the mother and father began to recognize contusions and bruises on their child’s body. At that point, they chose to install concealed cameras to figure out what was happening.

As soon as parents looked at the video, later on, they became completely mortified. Shapoval had shoved the boy in a high chair and then smacked him right in the face.

Before the mother and father even saw the hidden camera video of the episode, they had already terminated the nanny.

The instant they both looked at exactly Shapoval did, the Mom and Dad contacted the authorities. At the time they were clueless about her whereabouts.

After a 450 mile trip, the father was able to find the nanny in south-western Turkey, where he located her strolling the roads.

The abusive nanny was apparently transported to a nearby police station in tears, declining to communicate with law enforcement.

At the moment, authorities haven’t exposed what criminal offenses are going to be brought forward.

There were many concerned commenters who were on fire about this story.

Here is just one example of a person who decided to weigh in:

“If I caught my nanny slapping my kid about the last thing I would do is report her to the police, I would deal with her all by myself.”

The footage is able to be seen below: