Guy Decides To Pop The Question In A Food Court, But Gets An Unfortunate Reaction


A Brazilian fellow decided to pop the question to his honey in a mall’s jam-packed food court, but he got a surprising result that he wasn’t quite ready for.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the footage reveals a situation in which a boyfriend tries to fulfill a passionate engagement proposal, simply to be completely denied.

It starts off with a pair of ladies seated together in the mall’s food court, and a musician playing the violin comes near to play to one of them. While that’s going on, a guy makes his way from the other side with a flower arrangement.

The guy strolls up to the table and touches one of the women, presumed as his sweetheart. As the lady swivels around to find out who tapped her, the boyfriend gets on 1 knee to propose.

The female looks uneasy and irritated while he asks for her hand in marriage, and at a time, appearing to shake her head. That’s when the chap receives an unforeseen reaction as the prospective wife and her friend quickly leave the room while he’s continued to be on one knee.

While the gentleman remained in the center of the crowded food court appearing emotionally battered, the audience of onlookers who saw the awkward situation starts to clap their hands in support. One of the people in the crowd neared the man and made an effort to ease his feelings in the minutes following the rather rough rejection.

A fellow commenter on the Daily Mail stated:

“Not sure if I would have accepted in a mall food court either!…Maybe somewhere a little more appropriate might have gotten him a better response. Poor guy. I think he might have dodged a bullet with that one anyway.”

Another commenter posted, “Sometimes these men propose in front of an audience to make the woman feel pressured by the audience to accept…”Sometimes these men propose in front of an audience to make the woman feel pressured by the audience to accept…[these] men know what they’re doing and it’s wrong.”