Punks Try To Take Baseball Bat To Random Driver, But They Messed With The Wrong Man…

A video from Liveleak shows a traffic dispute in a parking stop gone wrong. A green car was sitting behind a black one at a stop, and there was a very disgruntled person who gets out of the black car.  He immediately gets a baseball bat from the trunk and heads over to the green car.

That’s when he starts to hit the green car and a man exits the car.  The black car passenger takes a swing at the man, but that doesn’t last long as the green car traveler swiftly knocks the man out cold.  Another person emerges from the black car and tries to take on green car man.

It does not go well.  He tries to fight for a few seconds and then the green car guy puts him in a headlock and choke hold until he passes out.

I wouldn’t mess with this man!

source [1]

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