Road Rage Driver Punches Man Through Car Window, Shortly After Probably Wishes He Didn’t Do It

Two Arizona men involved in a violent road rage incident are facing criminal charges.

A recorded video shows one driver getting extremely irate after he was stopped in traffic and punching the other driver through his open window. The other driver gets out and uses a tire iron to smash out the vehicle’s back window.

The event began when the motorist kept cutting each other off while on the freeway.

In the video’s caption, it states the drivers were in Maricopa, Arizona and got into a heated altercation with both throwing punches and windows breaking.

Although the men were both sorry for their out-of-control tempers, Maricopa Police charged both men with misdemeanors, saying they will not condone what went on.

On June 24, a Dylan Spaid, 19, was murdered during an Arlington, Texas road rage incident. Spaid got into a short exchange with another driver, who then shot the teenager. Spaid’s girlfriend, Kristina Huggins, was in the vehicle when the shooting took place. She immediately grabbed hold of the wheel. She was injured after she crashed into a sign.

Huggins told police the driver and Spaid talked to each other for a short while before the driver attempted to cut them off. She said the situated escalated before she knew it and the driver pulled up to their vehicle and fired his gun.

Huggins said Spaid, who was shot in the head, still had his foot on the gas pedal. After they crashed, they were taken to a local hospital where Spaid died of his injuries.

Huggins said she cannot believe some people are so evil that they can’t control themselves when upset. She said if that’s the case, they don’t need to be driving. Huggins said she’s not been able to sleep much after the murder. She said Spaid was the love of her life and she was ready to be his everything if he ever proposed. Huggins said that would never happen now.

She said, it’s like a bad dream, and she doesn’t know how the motorist can sleep at night now.

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