Spain Holds Sleeping Competition We’d Probably All Like To Participate In

An unusual championship was organized in Madrid, Spain. It was the first siesta championship on a national level in – sleeping. The point of the whole concept is actually to bring back the good old tradition of napping after lunch.

People who took part in this interesting championship only had to sleep for 20 minutes. Some of them even wore pajamas. They were monitored by judges and followed by pulse monitors. Those who managed to sleep for 20 minutes were rewarded with 20,000 points. Judges awarded the nappers with the most interesting sleeping positions, outfits and also the loudest snoring with additional points.

The main prize is typically around 1,000 euros which compares to around $1,070.

“The mission of the championship is to spread the idea that the nap is something of ours that must be defended and practiced because it is healthy and good for everyone. Being able to do it in public requires having a spirit of a champion and to be a great siesta taker.” said the officials from the association.

“We were afraid that people would be afraid of making fools of themselves but on average, about 50 people have taken part each day,” Alvaro Vidal, a spokesman said to AFP.

Because of the great success and interest, the association has made a decision to continue with this event as well as to hold this championship in many other countries apart from Spain.