What The Inside Of A Meth User’s House Looks Like

If you’ve never seen the inside of a serious drug addict’s house, it can be a very shocking experience. Unfortunately, I have, as a close friend was once addicted to a very bad substance and his house became a disgusting pigsty. It’s an incredibly sad event because the drugs will turn an otherwise very normal person into a raving and incompetent invalid. The user often does things that they cannot recall whatsoever, and completely neglect their surroundings, friends, and family. We can only assume that something like this happened within the particular house in the photos below.

meth house

Whatever causes a person to burn things like below is surely related to substance abuse. There is absolutely no need to put certain things like this in a fire, and without a proper fire ring around the fire pit, it could get out of hand quickly.

drug abuse devastation

meth house trash

This house could easily qualify to be on an episode of Hoarders, but it’s much worse as it’s physically devastating the user.

meth house messy porch

The disgusting smell from a pile of trash like this is likely indescribable unless you’re there in person.

meth house kitchen

A space heater and a portable light may indicate that the power had been shut off for nonpayment and they were run off of a generator which does happen a lot in houses where the occupants suffer from drug addiction.

house from meth use

messy house from meth use

As you can see there is a variance of what appear to be pharmaceutical pills and an assortment of other random objects strewn all over the place. This is commonplace in houses that have serious drug users.

pharmaceutical pill abuse house

substance abuse home

Drugs are a real scourge in this country and we must be vigilant in finding ways to both reduce the use of drugs and also how to treat those who do become addicted. If you have a friend or family in this situation, please check your options for a local drug rehabilitation center or online. There are some amazing solutions to these problems nowadays and drug treatment centers only get better and better as they learn the best methods for treating new substance abuse problems. Be safe!