Teacher Suspended After His Outbursts About Trump Supporters

An educator from the state of Tennessee has been given a bit of wisdom and knowledge of the repercussions on the outcomes of using extreme political outbursts.
trump supporter
David Colin, an individual from the community of Rutherford County School District has been prohibited away from supervising classes following his social network content which included remarks concerning the harming Donald Trump supporters by gunfire.

The posts that triggered his suspension consisted of the following:

“The only good trump supporter is a dead trump supporter.”

“Shooting Trump supporters sounds more appealing than getting along with them.”

The man stated that the investigative process by authorities into his actions ought to be regarded as a free speech matter, reported a hometown CBS affiliate.

Mr. Colin declared to the TV channel., “I don’t want this to be about the posts. It’s more about what comes after, using people’s freedom of speech, and trying to use that to browbeat one side against the other,”

Colin made these statements the day after the U.S. presidential election and also roughly a month ago. He told the CBS channel he believes the attention surrounding his statements ended up taken way out of context and out of proportion. This got administrators’ attention about 2 months later on Feb. 8.

Shortly after his comments were made and the officials and community knew of the meltdown, the contractor of his position, PESG, was advised he would probably “not be able to work any longer”. Rutherford County Schools released an announcement labeling Mr. Colin’s views as “threatening…inappropriate”.

Colin declared ’I’d probably phrase it a little bit differently, but I would still speak out,” when questioned how he might possibly react if he could alter the earlier responses.

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