Anatomically Detailed Doll Causing A Big Stir At Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is selling a baby doll that’s stirring up some debate about whether or not it’s appropriate.

The doll is a “You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll”, which is an anatomically correct baby doll for boys. The doll’s packaging, which is sold in stores and online, makes no mention that it’s an anatomically correct product. The company website also does not make mention of this “little tidbit.”


Many shoppers are used to dolls not being anatomically correct, although it’s not unheard of. The first anatomically correct doll to be marketed was the Archie Bunker Grandson Joy Stivic doll back in 1976. There may be some still being sold on eBay.

While most folks don’t have a problem with the doll itself, it’s the lack of information on the package that’s concerning to folks. If parents find it offensive, they can choose not to buy it. Of course, children will learn about their bodies sooner or later, so the other side of the argument is why not learn it at their house?

What do you think about this kind of doll?  Is it acceptable for parents to buy or should it be hidden until children are older?