Man Captures A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event While Filming Seagulls…

As far as sea animals go, whales are about as good as it gets. They are massive, friendly, and they can live to a very old age. People are always excited to see whales because they are such incredible creatures. Brad Rich and his friends were out in a boat off the coast of Seward, Alaska, and they could never have guessed what amazing sights they were about to see.

Brad started filming some seagulls because he noticed humpback whales beneath them. The whales and the birds were far away, but Brad hoped to catch a shot of the whales feeding. He never got any good footage of those whales, sadly. Luckily, a whole pod of whales popped up out of the water right next to the boat! You’ve got to see this to believe it, check out the video below!

Take a look at this video!


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