Cheating Boyfriend Gets Completely Fooled and Outed By Girlfriend’s Friend Who Caught Him

Cheating is a risky and deleterious action and sometimes comes with some big consequences.  People get emotional and it’s not a pretty picture once lovers find out they’ve been done wrong.

It’s not uncommon to see a partner’s belongings completely scattered all over the place outside of the residence they shared with their significant other after the significant other finds out about the infidelity.  It’s also not uncommon to have domestic disputes as well.  There are too many scenes like this after the jig is up.

In this particular case, it wasn’t quite that bad, but the cheater still got justice, and the person who caught him got something out of it too.

VermillionEli from Twitter noticed some hanky panky going on with the boyfriend and another lady’s house that wasn’t his girlfriend.  VerillionEli ends up getting his number and goes about the following proposition.



Read that message carefully, because the cheater didn’t!




Well, he wasn’t lying, and he got a delicious pizza out of it too.  All is fair in love and war?

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