Everyone Should Know About This Simple Trick To Save A Choking Baby

St. John Ambulance is an organization that teaches people how to do first aid. They posted a video on YouTube, which every parent should watch. Forty percent of parents have seen their baby choke. Eighty percent of these parents did not know what to do. Thirty-four children are treated in the emergency room for choking every day.


St. John Ambulance has created a video to help parents if their baby is choking. If your baby is choking, then you will need to turn him or her over on his or her stomach. Give your baby five back blows. The blows should get the object out of the airway. However, if that does not work, then you will need to turn your baby on over on his or her back. Give the baby chest thrusts until the object comes out.

If your baby is still choking, then you will need to call an ambulance. The video showing parents how to perform this lifesaving technique has been posted online. It has received over 6.8 million views. St. John Ambulance has encouraged people to share this video with as many people as possible. This organization also has other lifesaving videos on their YouTube page, including a video showing how to perform CPR on babies.


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