Man Tries To Do The Unthinkable To His Little Sister While Cops Are In The Other Room

A Philadelphia man is charged with attempted murder, for allegedly strangling his 7-year-old sister.

Police came to a home around 1 a.m. where the woman had called to report her son had stolen her vehicle. When asked for the vehicle’s registration papers, she left the room for the basement where she found her 7-year-old daughter unconscious on the floor with a bag on her head. She took her child’s lifeless body back upstairs to have officers help her revive the girl.

Kathy Burgos, a neighbor, said she heard screaming and saw the cops giving CPR to the little girl. They were able to revive her. She was then transported to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small gave a statement to the press a small time after the incident and said the department didn’t know if the girl’s condition was intentional or accidental.

Sometime later, the police said the woman’s son, Samir Alford, 18, turned himself in. They believe he was high on a drug called K2 when he allegedly strangled his sister and put a bag over her head.

Alford is facing charges of attempted murder, theft and aggravated assault.

Many Facebook users were heartbroken over the story, with one user saying the mother would lose not one child but two if her son is guilty over the girl’s death. Another reader said she’d kill a person who tried to hurt her daughter, which is why she doesn’t trust anyone to watch her.