27 Makeovers That Prove Women Are Makeup Geniuses

Not everyone has a gift in turning a dull face to a perfect one. Some gals (and guys!) have this talent and I can’t help it but envy them.

They can prove that a simple makeup set can turn someone stunningly beautiful (or scary) in a matter of minutes. Take a look at what makeup and some women can do below.

1. No one can best hide the spots that her. Truly, she amazingly did it spot on!


Reddit | breakno

2. Who says you can’t be a hot student on weekends.


Instagram | @angelica_tosi

3. ” … and then I walked into a bathroom and here I am.”


Instagram | @will_ent

4. Yes, all women are born beautiful. But sometimes it takes a little time to show it.


Instagram | @colorhoarder

5. If girls can look good with makeup on, why he can’t.


Reddit | johnwayneblack

6. Now they are ready for the next season of The Bachelor. 


Reddit | TheJooce

7. Lesson learned: Once you put it on, don’t ever wash it off. You might regret it for the rest of your life.


Reddit | SuperS1M

8. How did she do that! I can’t do a simple eye makeup and she can do this!?


Instagram | @teengirlclub

9. She deserves to have a break in American Horror Story. Amazing creation!


Reddit | Noerdy

10. Who doesn’t want to have smoky eyes every day if this is done as simple as this?


Reddit | hybridx

11. Oh! How cute!

Kitty: “If it looks good on human, why not on me.”


Reddit | doppelwurzel

12. Too early to pinch those sculpted abs. You never know if he is for real. So a swimming on the first date could be a nice idea in this instance.


Instagram | @marydominique88

Scroll at Your own Risk! the next makeup photos might give you nightmares.

13. This is what will happen when you make a cute girl scary on a normal day and not on Halloween.



14. Again, stop trying your new makeup kit on her. But in fairness, she looks Grandma. 


Instagram | @multiplesocks

15. If makeup is not your BFF, maybe apps are.


Instagram | @bluntedblackbeauty

16. Not your everyday makeup … but still, it could work if your boss is a fan of Master Yoda. 


Instagram | @nereasmakeup

Here are the most dramatic transformation ever!

17. Believe it or not, yes he did it. Darn! he is great!


Reddit | holysocks

18. Sylvester Stallone can complain about this one, can he?


Reddit | BoyBillion

19. Take a lot of guts and effort to be him. Way to go girl!


Reddit | McKennaWasRight

More of about makeup and women below.

20. Yes, eye makeup is everything. It will either make it or break it. Look at her.


Reddit | BeckyClaire1

21. Contouring and Wi-Fi-in-1. Who knows you can get a better deal than this.


Reddit | EddyMercury

22. Some girls exert no effort to be beautiful. Deal with it!

Reddit | thegreeneyedone

23. I knew it has some use. Now, be scared!


Reddit | childishbambina

24. You can also use filters. You know it right?


Reddit | SnowWhiteGamer

25. Ah, he is not my dad. I am sure of it.


Reddit | nesnahnetsua

26. “Ouch but this can do. I little warning next time though.”


Reddit | bayarea415

27. A little inspiration couldn’t hurt.


Reddit | pidzik