Rapist Let Off After Allowing Sister To Be Raped By Victim’s Brother

A shocking case of ‘revenge rape’ involving 12 members of two families has been unearthed by police in Punjab province, Pakistan.

A man had been accused of raping a woman in Pir Mahal in the Toba Tek Singh district on March 20.

Local news reports that the suspect’s family had approached the victim’s family for ‘pardon and reconciliation’.

pakistan revenge rape

Shocking: The alleged rapist’s family approached the victim’s family for ‘reconciliation’, to which they agreed – on the condition that ‘her brother would commit the same act with suspect’s sister’ in Pir Mahal, Punjab

The victim’s family agreed to pardon the rapist, on the condition that ‘her brother would commit the same act with the suspect’s sister’, dawn.com reports.

A dozen people attending a meeting between the two families agreed to the terms, and the brother subsequently had sex with the suspect’s sister on March 21.

A police officer found out about the case when the two families prepared legal documents agreeing not to press charges against each other.

Pir Mahal Police Sub-Inspector Shaukat Ali Javed saw them and reported the families to his superiors.

pakistan revenge rape

Victims: The rapist’s sister – who herself became a victim following the families’ meeting, is also among the 12 people arrested

All 12 people in attendance, including four women, of which one was the victim of the second rape, were arrested on Saturday.

The case has echoed another incident in the southern city of Multan last July, where a village council ordered a ‘revenge rape’ on a 16-year-old girl.

The girl’s brother had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old, and the ‘revenge rape’ was reportedly carried out in front of her parents and 40 members of the village council.

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