Almost 80% Of Viewers Reacted Positively To President Trump’s Address To Congress

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. viewers had a “positive reaction”, according to those who watched the President’s speech to a joint session of the nation’s lawmakers last night.
According to a CNN/ORC poll which included 500 participants and a roughly 4 percent error margin, revealed that around 20% said they felt a “somewhat positive” response, while over 50% of the respondents reacted “very positive”  to the address, adding up to an approximate 78% “positive”  total. In what is likely a first for Donald Trump with respect to speaking in front of a partisan-divided audience, he received a negative response of only 21 percent.

Moreover, almost 3/4 of the spectators deemed that the address could be a motivating component to move the country “in the right direction”, whereas just a 1/4 claimed they thought the opposite and that it would not help the nation get on the right track. Before the address, there was a majority of the poll respondents, approximately 58%, that predicted they thought Trump’s words would advance the united states on a positive track. Therefore the President’s address boosted confidence in the audience. On top of that, 69% declared that the President’s address gave them an increased optimism regarding the nation’s future, and roughly 30 percent claimed it caused them to be pessimistic.

According to CNN:


Previous Republican presidents’ poll numbers following their addresses to congress have produced similar results. The survey sample was 8% more right-leaning compared to the rest of the nation on the whole, as polling audience who said they were planning on watching the address would give results of actual viewers.


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