Road Rage Incident Gets Violent When Combat Vet Exits Car And Goes To Other Driver’s Window

Authorities in El Paso County, Colorado are probing a road rage incident that turned violent and involved a veteran.

In the video, Brandon Vegas is seen getting into a heated argument about a traffic incident that involved the two parties.

The man, who goes by the name Chad Huntsinger, told Vega that he ran him off the road. Vega’s girlfriend Lyfe Engelhart, who was videotaping the whole thing, told Huntsinger that it wasn’t Vega. However, Huntsinger hit Vega in the face.

The video, which is laced with profanity, suggests that Vega didn’t like the idea of Huntsinger passing him and ran him off the road. Engelhart repeats that nothing of the sort happened. Although he was hit in the face, Vega refused to fight back even with Huntsinger egging him on to do so.

Engelhart posted the video on Facebook and said Vega ended up with a busted lip and bloody nose and would not fight over something extremely dumb. She said she was a bit nervous while the incident was going on because Huntsinger came to her angrily as well.

Police Lt. Howard Black suggested that people avoid facing another motorist in a road rage incident. Block said the best thing to do is make a right turn and get out of the area to avoid confrontations such as these.

Black said road rage can be seen in various degrees of violence. He said it could be a simple hand gesture, somebody rolling the window down and yelling to homicide. Black said they’ve had them all in Colorado Springs.

Many people have criticized both parties for the violent behavior and language.

A commenter said it was road rage at its best. The reader said all of them needed to wash their mouths out for the language, and total disrespect from all of them.

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