6 Women Rob Teen Girl And Write Ugly Message On Her Forehead

A teen is afraid to leave her home after a vicious attack that included six women and her then-boyfriend.

Based on the police report, Cheyanne Willis, 19, was driven to a suburban Cincinnati parking lot by Quincy Gardner, 20, where six women including two women she knew, began attacking her. Willis said her head was slammed against the vehicle and they cut her hair. Each woman had their turn kicking and beating her.



Willis, in the video the attackers posted on social media, is repeatedly heard asking the women to stop. They continue beating and kicking her, ignoring her cries. They used an eyeliner to write on her forehead, putting down “I got my a.. whooped” and each one side their name under it.

After the “beat down,” the girls took her purse, which had her cell phone and $50. They also destroyed her driver’s license and said they would kill her if she went to the police.

Cheyenne Fisher, 21, and Gardner have been arrested for their connection in the assault and both were charged with robbery as well.

Willis said she think the attack was in connection to a vehicle she wanted to buy, as one of the attackers was the vehicle owner.


She also said she wishes they would have killed her. Willis is traumatized by the incident, jumping at every single noise, never wanting to be out of her mother’s sight and suffering bad dreams.

She said she feels humiliated and doesn’t want to go out in public.

Police are still looking into the attack.